Eva is a lucky Singaporean who had won scholarships to pursue her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in San Francisco in 2004 and her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Tokyo in 2010. She has been drawing webcomics since 2007 and published 4 books. The latest title, “A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide”, won a Bronze award in the Travel-Guidebook category for IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards).

Eva has taught drawing at primary schools and tertiary institutions, as well as conducted public workshops at the National Library. She was a mentor for drawing comics on OKTO’s Knockout Carnival (on TV) and has appeared in newspapers such as Zaobao, The Straits Times, The Sun, The New Straits Times, and The Star. Her work on cultural differences attracted an interview for Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal’s staff magazine as well as appearing in various overseas magazines such as Publisher's Weekly (US) and Eye-Ai (Japan). Eva was also an invited speaker at conventions such as the Singapore Toy Game Comics Convention, Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur, Popcon Asia in Jakarta and Xiamen International Animation Festival.

Besides a passion for Japanese culture and food, her hobbies include yoga, hiking, traveling, and Chinese Metaphysics.


A Singaporean comic artist who used to study in US and Japan. Still looking young at her 30s thanks to Japanese skincare, she dislikes people to call her "Auntie". Her nemeses are sale, freebies and good food.

Kopi is a malay word for coffee, commonly used in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. He is Eva's (imaginary) pet dog with a good eye on stocks and investments. Both smart and sarcastic, he is impatient with idiots like Eva.

He/she is Eva's (another imaginary) pet cat whose primary existence for now is just to look cute, like that famous cat without a mouth.

She is Eva's neighbor, a shopaholic that is into luxury brands like Chanel and Hermes. As a professional model when younger, she has the hourglass figure which Eva admires. Aspires to marry a rich guy and become a rich taitai (lady) one day.

A typical Otaku who likes only games and anime with young pretty girls in short skirts. He's extremely frugal. Hopes to retire early from his current job in Japan and enjoy good life. His favorite games are "白衣性恋愛症候群" and "大戦略7 exceed'. Likes AKB48 too.

An ex-"ah-beng" (gangster) who wants to amend his ways and gain new life. However due to background and low education, he can only work as a waiter or salesman. His only misfortune is to encounter demanding patrons like Eva and Joanne.

Mari is a cute young Japanese university student who is out-going and loves to make new friends.

Ashley is fictatious yoga teacher.
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